Hello! I'm Armand Hurford

Let's build a brighter Squamish

My Perspective


The newly adopted Official Community Plan (OCP) has given us the framework to make decisions that will move us not only forward, but in the right direction.
The OCP consultations set the bar high for public engagement. This carries so much weight with me as it shows the policies in the OCP are what the people of Squamish have asked for. I will remain open to hearing all sides of any given issue as I make my mind up as to the best course of action.

In addition to the general OCP plan:

  • "Sub Area Plans" (neighbourhood planning) need to be conclude. This is the next step to better understand the needs of each area and the vision of it's residents. This is the process that I am most open to amending the OCP through because it will take in consideration the will of the people, and not be at the ask of developers.
  • A Housing Authority is needed to manage the the many complex housing issues in Squamish. Issues I envision this new authority to handle or be part of range from illegal suites, short term rentals, to managing the new rental units that will continue to enter the market as mandated through recent development approvals.
  • An official park and ride facility is long overdue in Squamish. In an effort to get commuters out of their individual cars a park and ride facility will have a positive impact and quickly. Of course, this project will take planning and budgeting and will have my support as the process moves forward.
  • The continued expansion of our public transit and active transportation infrastructure. The need for us all to get around is not going away, but the solutions are evolving. We need to fix/build our public transportation system for every single person, independent of age and physical ability.
    The reality about transportation is that it's future-oriented. If we're planning for what we have, we're behind the curve.
    Anthony Foxx


As a councillor it will be my job to work this community as a whole, along with my fellow councillors, to address the many complicated issues facing Squamish. Many of the challenges will also be best served with help from the SLRD, Provincial and Federal Governments their agencies and the private sector. Finding common ground, building communication, trust and, the best working relationships is what is needed to tackle these issues. These are a part of my skillset. I firmly believe people solve problems best when they work together. I aim to be a valuable member of the team as it takes 4 votes to get things done.


The follow though of these plans is what will get us to where we want to be. As much as the OCP is a "Living Document" and can be amended it has happened so frequently that it is almost disregarded by many applicants. This has to change. I will avoid amendments whenever possible and stick to our land use plans. It needs to be known that Squamish sticks to it's plans!

About me

Hi, I’m Armand Hurford.

I am the owner of a neighbourhood small business (Republic Bicycles), a father, a volunteer MC at Squamish Days Logger Sport, a curling enthusiast, and Squamish has been the home of my family for 4 generations. This gives me a deep understanding of where we have come from and a vested interest and vision of where we are going.

I am here to ask for the chance to go to work for Squamish as your councillor.

Let’s build a brighter future together, a more livable one.

Recently, our town put forth a vision for its future. and I deeply believe in that plan. I say that, not because I think the plan is perfect, but because I think it’s reasonable.

It includes the most important elements that will lead to environmental conservation and increased quality of life.
I’d like to directly quote some of the focus points of our Official Community Plan:

  • balancing local jobs and affordable housing
  • maintaining adequate employment lands
  • managing growth pressure for local lands in the face of the hazards of a changing climate
  • protecting environmentally valuable resources, including food systems
  • prioritizing active transportation and mobility
  • increasing emergency management and preparedness

Sounds good doesn’t it?

So, why vote for me?

I am here for the long haul. I am fully aware I will need to justify my decisions on council for the rest of my days. Those decisions will also directly affect my quality of life and most importantly that of my daughter, niece and nephews.

I am open-minded person, my business experience has taught me the ability to listen and consider a wide-range of opinions and factors in order to make an informed and concise decision. It has also taught me negotiation techniques that enable me to work collaboratively, and to moderate different personalities to work together for the greater good.

Please contact me, I want to hear from you!



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Please email me, I'd love to hear how we can work together to make Squamish better!